How to use

Privacy policy

updated on 20 September 2014

How to use

Submit an order

   This application is providing a quick way that you can submit your order to our shop. By simply selecting a category and dishes under a category(s) you can add your choises into the basket. By submitting your order from your basket we will get your order in the quickest way.  Beside basic contact information where you will provide to us through ringing in as well, no other steps are required.


Taking payment

  Payment page may be presented when submitting your order. By paying online it will speed up your order processing. However you can always select pay later option to pay when your food is delivered to your door.

Privacy policy

Informaton Collection

  We will be collection basic contact information such as phone number address etc. There are not much differences from ringing in.


Use of your information

  Besides using contact information for delivering your food. We might also use it to deliver to discount vouchers to our loyalty customers. These information will never be given to anyone else.